Crime Scene Management: Integrity of the Crime Scene

Crime scene management is a very important skill especially in the investigation as the evidence in the crime will provide a clear picture of what happened in the court. This evidence will paint a picture that composes the testimony from the witnesses, exhibits, photographs, analysis, and others. There are four issues in crime scene management and these are:

  1. Taking notes of the data
  2. Securing the place and the scene
  3. Managing the evidence
  4. Scaling the investigation to the event

For today’s discussion, we will focus on how to secure the place and the scene after a crime or a homicide happens. If you own a property, and you end up entangled with situations like this, it is better that you know the processes that involve in the investigation and cleaning up after the crime scene so you will be guided of what to do.

Securing the Place and the Scene

Securing the place and the scene is an important aspect of crime scene management. This means that the authorities need to protect the integrity of the crime scene and this involves different processes and that fall under the category of Task of STAIR tool. The following are things that the investigator needs to do: identifying, collecting, preserving, and protecting the evidence to ensure that this evidence will be accepted in the court. To do this, they will:

  • Lockdown the crime scene to protect it from intentional and unintentional manipulation – this means the all activities that are happening inside the crime scene is stopped because this might contaminate the evidence, like the witnesses, victims, and responders, or even the suspect may still be inside the crime scene and their actions ad activities could manipulate the evidence.
  • Set up some perimeters for the crime scene – the perimeter defines the range of the crime scene in terms of physical distance including the entry and exit points. Once the perimeter has been set and established, the place I locked down and no unauthorized person is allowed to enter the crime scene
  • Establish a path of contamination – after setting up everything, the investigators will need to take note of the amount of contamination that the people inside the crime scene have done, as this will create a baseline of existing contamination in the crime scene.
  • Establish the security of the crime scene – a perimeter tape will not be enough and so, there will be authorities and police offer who would need to secure the area as well as search team members, forensic specialists, assigned investigators, and the coroner.

Note: after the crime scene and the investigation, it is important that you still do not touch anything in your property even if all the authorities have already left and everything is getting back to normal. We recommend that you hire crime management BioHazmat to save yourself from being contaminated with something unknown. This includes some diseases and bacterial infection especially when there have been bodily fluids such as urine, blood, etc., that are left in the crime scene. Cleaning up the area by yourself is not advised.


Keep yourself safe on the road during you night out by hiring a limousine

Do you want to stand out on the crowd? Do you want to experience a luxurious ride? Or it might be that you just want to sit back and relax? What are the other reasons that you think to have a limo rental? Most of the people never thought of the biggest advantage why to hire a transportation service. They are forgetting about their safety.

Regardless of the occasion, a party bus or a limo rental could give you many advantages and your safest option. Here are some reasons why a limo could give you the safest ride and letting you focus on your experience.

Professional drivers are trained for safety

Everyone who drives legally on the streets have undergone through the process of getting a license but not all of them have the proper training and a few of them has made a career in their lifetime on safe driving habits and has the highest standard on safety.

Having a limousine rental service, you will be sure to get the highly trained drivers having a high standard on safety and making your safety their priority on the entire time when you are in the vehicle. You could also be sure that your guest is in their care while on the road.

No distracted drivers

By hiring a limo or a party bus means there is an occasion that is special. Having a special occasion means having many guests, some may be like to be pick up especially your family or maybe a very important person that is at the airport that needs to be picked up that is there for the occasion. Whatever the celebration is, it could make you suddenly become busy or something will come up on your mind. If you are personally driving these guests, you could get distracted.

Don’t let the distraction ruin your occasion or don’t deprive your sleep for you have to wake up early to fetch someone knowing that you sleep late the night before because of the preparation for the reason that you want them to be safe but there is one option for you, to have a limousine service, you are not only making them travel to your place in a luxurious comfortable ride but you are also leaving them in the hands of a professional which has the same goal as you, to have a safe and enjoyable ride for your guest.

Designated driver

If you are planning an adult night out and bar hopping around town, let everyone enjoy the night including yourself to have fun. Eliminate the need of designated driver from the group and just have a limo or party bus rental for you and your friends are all free to have yourself indulged in alcoholic drinks if you want while not worrying that your designated driver is drunk because you have a professional driver who is with you waiting  and will bring you to your next destination, a professional driver who’s task is to keep you safe on the road while you are enjoying your night.


What Benefits Do You Get From a Professional Roofing Company?


Our house is important to us, and everything around it needs to be well-maintained. Each section has an important function to play in protecting your house. Every part needs maintenance to make sure that their quality is remained top notch and that they are in good working condition. However, over the years these sections experience tear and wear. One of the necessary components of any property is a roof. It is one of the parts you should do a maintenance to make sure that its functioning well.

The roofs are constantly exposed to exterior elements and they also gets damaged easily because of the harsh weather from heavy snow or intense sun. This is the reason why it’s important to test the condition of the roof. Hiring a roofing company Philadelphia will give you a lot of benefits, and they are the following.

Extend the Life of Your Roof 

The life of a roof lessens over time especially if exposed to many elements. However, if you keep the roof well-maintained, it will definitely extends its lifespan. Having a regular check-up and maintenance will prevent all viable minor troubles that can become a major one. You can recoat, repair, and seal the roof effortlessly. This will make everything easier for you.

Save Extra Money 

You can get a lot of amazing benefits from a roof repair is saving extra money instead than completely altering your roof and buying new materials. We all know that roofing systems are pretty expensive and changing them is not a handy element for you to do. This will cause you inconvenience and for the entire household too. If you do a minor repair instead of buying new roof, this will save extra cash.

Improves your Electricity Efficiency 

Having a roof which is in good condition will also save you energy. It will also help in keeping your energy bills at a decreased cost. Aside from that, ensuring a well-maintained roof will help enhance the effectiveness of power usage in your residence.

Avoid Extreme Damages 

If you do regular roof maintenance, it will assist you to make sure that the system is in a suitable condition. A maintenance helps in maintaining the quality and condition of the roof of course. There are roofing systems that are even past restore due to the fact that they have severe damages. Spending money on maintenance and minor repair is actually better than paying for a new roof.

Prevent Roof Leaks 

There are many issues that come with a damaged roof, and one of them is the regular leaks. This is very inconvenient for everyone, and it’s a sign that there is something wrong with your roof. The fine way to become prepared when an awful weather is coming is to have your roof repaired and maintained. Repairing minor issues on your roof will make it easier for you to do the other repairs, including the leaks.

Keep Your Family Safe 

Next to the list of important element to bear in mind about the complexity of any roofing system is that it’s where poisonous substances breed. Examples are mold and bacteria that can cause infections.


Environment-friendly Roofing Materials

Experiencing eco devastations, people nowadays are into ways on how to help save the environment. Even when looking for home construction materials, some may look into considerations of not only durable and affordable Roofing Columbia sc but also, of those which are environment friendly.  Several types may vary based on the design, preference, cost and material used on your construction.

You may take a look on the following roofing alternatives for your home:

Green Roof

This type of roof helps set the average heat effect on your home as it regenerates the air. Setting a green roof gives your home added insulation and cooling and lessen the amount of water surge. Its unsophisticated look compliments the beauty of your home.

Cool or White Roof

This type of roof suggests a white or light- colored material. Considering that this kind cast back sun rays, it gives your home a cool feeling. You could save on your monthly bills by not using air conditioning systems within the day.

Metal Roofs

Thinking of investing on a good roof, this type is perfect for you. Metal roofs are lasting, light reflecting, and 100% reusable. This roof can stand for an about 50 years. Because it is generally metal, it is resistant to burns and fire. For some who wants to collect water for garden usage, this roof is ideal for you. Choosing a metal roof fabricated with lighter in color and recycled composition is a better option.

Shingle Roof

For those who intend to use classic wood shingles, types from a well- bred grove is an ideal preference. Shingle roof is similarly termed as the sustainable wood shake.

Rubberized Roofing

This roofing could stay up to 50 years. Layered with ground slate to improve its texture, this roof made from old steel- fastened tires, is one of the quality roofing ideas for your home.

Corrugated Roofing

This kind of roof is effortless to fix and has a light and neat exterior. Corrugated roofing is durable and this enables the manufactures to produce a variety of colors and styles. The fact that this kind of roofing is heavy-duty, it can endure any bad climate. Homeowners treat grooved roofing as an outstanding green building material.

Clay Roof

This type of roofing is natural but very resilient. It can last up to 10 years. A Spanish design home matches with a set of red clay tiles. A breezy roof system at the present time was presented by light- colored clay tiles. These materials are mainly the eco- friendly choice for roofing.

Choosing the right environment-friendly roofing materials for you

The market offers a variety of eco- friendly materials for you. You just cautiously need to look for options that rightly suit you. Storm and fire ratings and warranty are some points that you need to consider. Some roofing materials have a need for strong framework like clay tiles. Authorities may require your building permit and inspection prior to the replacement of your roof.  Be sure that the building sector already approved the roofing material you have chosen before purchasing it to avoid delays, waste of money and time.